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Corrosion Powerpoint Slides & Test Banks
Corrosion Teaching Resources for Trainers, Instructors, Tutors, University Lecturers and Professors

If you are involved in teaching corrosion courses, you may wish to purchase a complete set of PowerPoint slides and the computerized test banks (in MicroTest format) with solutions. These presentations are suitable for teaching corrosion courses at different levels (from undergraduate to postgraduate) and durations (from 6 hrs to 40 hrs). These ready-to-use corrosion PowerPoint slides contain high quality color photographs, illustrations, animations, audio and video clips. They can also be easily edited and customized to your own styles. The quality and quantity of illustrations and the depth and breadth of coverage are much better than the sample presentations.

The corrosion test banks contain over 1,000 corrosion questions for your use in tutorials, tests or examinations. These questions are conveniently grouped into 4 categories in the test bank: (1) true or false, (2) multiple choice, (3) calculation, and (4) reasoning & open-ended discussions. Setting up a formal examination paper takes less than 5 minutes. All you need to do is: (1) select the questions from the Test Bank; (2) print the test directly or export the test to Microsoft Word. The answer keys to your selected questions are automatically included in the test. Click here to see a sample test. If you would like to have more information, please contact Corrosion Clinic.

Corrosion Courses No. of Slides No. of Questions in Test Bank
A Basic Course in Corrosion Control and Prevention (5 days ) 1200 1000
Corrosion Control by Materials Selection and Design (5 days) 1200 1000
Protective Coatings: Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (5 days) 1200 1000
An Advanced Course in Cathodic Protection - Specification, Design, Commissioning, Testing and Monitoring (5 days) 1200 1000
Cathodic Protection of Underground Pipelines (5 days) 1200 1000
Design and Operation of Pipeline Cathodic Protection Systems - Design, Installation, Operation, Maintenance, Survey and Monitoring (5 days) 1200 1000
External Pipeline Integrity Assessment and Composite Repairs (5 days) 1200 1000
Internal Pipeline Integrity Assessment and Pigging Technology (5 days) 1200 1000
CO2 Corrosion Modeling for the Prediction of Internal Corrosion in Oil and Gas Pipelines (5 days) 1000 100
Corrosion Control by Chemical Treatment (2 days) 600 200
Corrosion, Metallurgy, Failure Analysis and Prevention (5 days) 1200 1000
Marine Corrosion, Causes and Prevention (2 days) 600 200
Offshore Corrosion and Assessment (5 days) 1200 1000
Corrosion Inspection, Corrosion Testing and Monitoring (5 days) 1200 200
Stainless Steels and Alloys:  Why They Resist Corrosion and How They Fail 300 100
Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC): - Recognition, Mitigation and Prevention (1 day) 300 100
Life Predication of Corrodible Structures and Components (1 day) 300 100

Hot Dip Galvanizing - Processes, Properties and Applications (3 days)

600 200

API RP 571 Damage Mechanisms Affecting Fixed Equipment in the Refining and Petrochemical Industries (5 days)

1200 200

API 579-1 / ASME FFS-1 Fitness-For-Service Assessments (5 days)

1200 200

API 573 Inspection of Fired Boilers and Heaters (5 days)

1200 200

Corrosion in Oil Refineries: Inspection, Monitoring and Control (5 days)

1200 200

Environmental Cracking (SCC/HIC/SWC/HSC/SSC/SOHIC/SZC/HB/HE):
Recognition, Mechanisms and Prevention
(5 days)

1200 200

Understanding NACE MR0175/ISO 15156: Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries Materials for use in H2S‐containing Environments in Oil and Gas Production (3 day)

600 100

Corrosion in the Microelectronics and Semiconductor Industry (2 days)



Electroplating Technology for the Microelectronics and Semiconductor Industry (2 days)


An Advanced Course in Electrodeposition (5 days) 1200 200
Electrochemical Migration (ECM), Conductive Anodic Filament (CAF) Formation and Surface Insulation Resistance (SIR) Testing (1 day) 200 100
Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
- Measurement, Modeling, Data Interpretation & Applications
(1 day)
200 100
Pinhole Leaks in Copper Pipes in Potable Water Distribution System: Causes & Prevention (1 day) 200 100
Corrosion Control & Prevention for Conservators & Curators (2 days) 500 200
Corrosion Control and Prevention for Historic Buildings and Monuments (2 days) 500 200
Corrosion Control and Prevention for Military Equipment and Systems (2 days) 500 200
Concrete Corrosion: Causes and Prevention (1 day) 200 100
Emerging Corrosion Control Technologies for the Repair and
Rehabilitation of Concrete Structures
(1 day)
270 100
An Advanced Course in Concrete Durability (5 days) 1200 1000
Modern Techniques for Corrosion Testing and Monitoring in
Concrete Structures (2 days with hands-on)
200 100
Corrosion in Automotive Systems (2 days) 500 200
Corrosion in Fire Protection Systems (FPS)  - Detection, Mitigation and Prevention (1 day) 200 100
Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) - Detection, Mitigation and Prevention (1 day) 300 100
Corrosion Control and Prevention in Seawater Desalination Plants (1 day) 200 100
Accelerated Low Water Corrosion (ALWC)  - Mechanisms, Mitigation and Prevention (1 day) 200 100

Notes: We can also customize training materials and resources to meet your organization's training or presentation requirements

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