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Corrosion Education and Structured Training Courses

for Newcomers Who Wish to Establish a Foothold in the Corrosion Industry

for In-House Training, On-Site Training, On-Demand Training, On-Webex, On-Zoom, Online and Distance Learning Worldwide

Corrosion eCourses also available on CD-ROM, DVD, and USB Flash Drive

Trainer's Package - Powerpoint Slides and Test Bank (with Solutions) for Trainers, Instructors, Tutors, University Lecturers and Professors


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If you are new to the field of corrosion and want to establish a foothold in the corrosion control industry or business, WebCorr's structured Corrosion Education and Training Courses will help you get certified by NACE as Corrosion Technician, Corrosion Technologist, Senior Corrosion Technologist, Area Specialist (Materials Selection Specialist, Cathodic Protection Specialist, Coatings Specialist, Chemical Treatment Specialist), and Corrosion Specialist. The table below shows the Recommended Corrosion Education and Structured Training Courses and the corresponding level of NACE certifications that the training courses preprare you for: 


Corrosion Education and Structured Training Courses

(click the title for course contents)

NACE Certification


A Basic Course in Corrosion Control and Prevention (5 days)


Corrosion Technician

Methods and Materials for Corrosion Control and Prevention (5 days)

Corrosion Technologist

Corrosion Control by Materials Selection and Design (5 days)

Senior Corrosion Technologist

Protective Coatings: Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (5 days)

An Advanced Course in Cathodic Protection - Specification, Design, Commissioning, Testing and Monitoring (5 days)

Corrosion Control by Chemical Treatment (2 days)

Corrosion, Metallurgy, Failure Analysis and Prevention (5 days)

External Pipeline Integrity Assessment and Composite Repairs (5 days)

Area Specialist:

Materials Selection Specialist

Chemical Treatment Specialist

Cathodic Protection Specialist

Coatings Specialist


Corrosion Specialist

Internal Pipeline Integrity Assessment and Pigging Technology (5 days)

CO2 Corrosion Modeling for the Prediction of Internal Corrosion in Oil & Gas Pipelines and Production Tubing (5 days)

Marine Corrosion: Causes and Prevention (2 days)

Offshore Corrosion Inspection and Assessment (5 days)

Corrosion Inspection, Corrosion Testing and Monitoring (5 days)

API RP 571 Damage Mechanisms Affecting Fixed Equipment in the Refining and Petrochemical Industries (5 days)

API 579-1 / ASME FFS-1 Fitness-For-Service Assessments (5 days)

API RP 573 Inspection of Fired Boilers and Heaters (5 days)

API 580 Risk-based Inspection (5 days)

API 581 Risk-based Inspection Methodology (5 days)

API RP 583 Corrosion Under Insulation and Fireproofing
- Detection, Mitigation and Prevention
(5 days)

API 584 Integrity Operating Windows (5 days)

Understanding NACE MR0175/ISO 15156: Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries – Materials for use in H2S‐containing Environments in Oil and Gas Production (3 days)

Environmental Cracking (SCC-HIC-SWC-HSC-SSC-SOHIC-SZC-HB-HE):
Recognition, Mechanisms and Prevention
(5 days)

Corrosion in Oil Refineries: Inspection, Monitoring and Control (5 days)

Stainless Steels and Alloys:  Why They Resist Corrosion and How They Fail (1 day)

Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC): -Recognition, Mitigation and Prevention (3 days)

Life Predication of Corrodible Structures and Components (1 day)

Preferential Weld Corrosion: Causes and Prevention (3 days)

Hot Dip Galvanizing - Processes, Properties and Applications (3 days)

Concrete Corrosion - Causes and Prevention (1 day)

Emerging Corrosion Control Technologies for the Repair and  Rehabilitation of Concrete Structures (1 day)

An Advanced Course in Concrete Durability

Cathodic Protection of Reinforced Concrete Structures (3 days)

Modern Techniques for Corrosion Testing and Monitoring in Concrete Structure (2 days)

Corrosion Control and Prevention in Seawater Desalination Plants (1 day)

WebCorr Corrosion Consulting Services is in the corrosion consultancy business and corrosion training is an integral part of our expertise and strength. Real-life corrosion case studies from our corrosion consulting work bring our corrosion courses to life. You gain both solid knowledge and real-life practical experiences at WebCorr courses. WebCorr is registered with the Professional Engineers Board Singapore as a corrosion training provider. WebCorr has NACE certified Corrosion Specialist providing customized in-house training, on-site training, online and distance learning courses on corrosion, materials, metallurgy, paints and metallic coatings. Our corrosion courses are developed and taught by internationally recognized and NACE certified Corrosion Specialist with over 38 years of practical experience in the field. The following corrosion short courses have been conducted regularly since 1992 and were accredited by the Professional Engineers Board Singapore for awarding professional development units (PDUs) to professional engineers. We do not compete on course fees but on unparalleled course quality and learning support. Our success is measured by your learning outcome.


 In-House Training Corrosion Courses  and On-Site Training Corrosion Courses


If you are concerned with corrosion in your company, in-house training or on-site training is a great solution to train a group of employees from design, production, operation, quality assurance, inspection and maintenance, and technical sales and support on corrosion control and corrosion prevention technology. The contents of all our corrosion courses can be customized to fit your organization's needs.


There is no limit to the number of participants required for in-house training corrosion courses. We conduct the in-house training corrosion course at your company's premises worldwide, and at a time convenient to your company.


Click here to contact us for a quotation for in-house training corrosion courses.

 Online Corrosion Courses and Distance Learning Corrosion Courses


All our corrosion short courses are available for online or offline distance learning. You can start an online corrosion course at any time and learn at your own comfortable pace and schedule, whenever and wherever you are. You have around-the-clock access to the interactive and media-rich course materials, virtual labs, course instructions and course assessments. Discussions and questions related to the corrosion courses are posted on the website or exchanged through email for a period up to 3 months. Video conferencing or instant messaging can also be arranged for discussions of course topics. For those who do not have ready access to internet, we can send you our online course materials on a CD-ROM, or DVD, or USB flash drive for offline distance learning.


Click here to to register an online corrosion short course.

 Corrosion Course-On-Demand


All our publicly scheduled corrosion short courses are conducted once a year. However, you do not need to wait for one year if you have missed any of the publicly scheduled corrosion courses as we have this unique corrosion course-on-demand scheme: we will conduct the course just for you (on an one-on-one basis) or for a small group from your company at a time and in a location convenient to you. This option costs significantly less than a full-scale in-house or on-site corrosion training program.


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 Corrosion Course-On-Webex


Webex is hosted by Cisco, a product purpose-built for real-time web communications. If you are an existing user of Webex, or if you are willing to experience the power of Webex, we can conduct the course for you over Webex with audio and video presentations and interactions with the course instructor and other course attendees in real-time. It is just like the physical classroom settings that everyone can interact with each other. Your questions will be answered in real time by our instructor.


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Trainer's Package - PowerPoint Slides and Test Bank (with Solutions) for Trainers, Instructors, Tutors, University Lecturers and Professors


If you are involved in teaching or training, you may wish to purchase a complete set of the trainer's package for any of the training courses listed above. The trainer's package comes complete with ready-to-use PowerPoint slides (fully editable) and test bank (with answer keys). These ready-to-use PowerPoint slides contain high quality color photographs, illustrations, animations, audio and video clips. The test banks contain questions conveniently grouped into four categories: (1) true or false, (2) multiple choice, (3) calculation, and (4) reasoning and open-ended discussions. These trainer's packages are suitable for structured training programs for professional development and educational courses at different levels (from basics to advanced) and durations (from 6 hrs to 40 hours). These are exactly the same packages that WebCorr use to deliver our current training courses.

The one-time lump sum fee allows your organization to use the training package and also modify it. For example, your organization may modify the course contents and re-name/re-brand the course under your organization’s name. WebCorr only retains the copyright of the original PowerPoint slides and test banks.


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