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Protective Coatings: Performance Evaluation and Life Prediction*

Dr. Jianhai Qiu
School of Materials Engineering
Nanyang Technological University
Nanyang Avenue, Singapore 639797

Accelerated Tests for Performance Evaluation

ASTM G85 Standard Practice for Modified Salt Spray (Fog) Testing

As an improvement to the original salt spray test, the modified salt spray (fog) testing (ASTM G85) has introduced 5 modifications to the standard salt fog test:

  • continuous acetic acid-salt spray test
  • cyclic acidified salt spray test
  • cyclic sea water acidified test
  • cyclic SO2 salt spray test
  • dilute electrolyte cyclic fog dry test

Among these modifications, the dilute electrolyte cyclic fog dry test was reported to give better correlation with outdoor exposure test. This procedure uses a much diluted electrolyte (0.05% sodium chloride) with small amount (0.35%) of  ammonium sulphate to represent industrial atmospheres. The test cycle alternates between 1 hour of fog and 1 hour of dry-off. During each drying-off cycle, the salt concentration would progressively increase thus exposing the samples to a wider range of salt concentrations.


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