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 H2SO4-Compass®: Corrosion Prediction and Materials Selection Guide for H2SO4 Services  

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Overview of H2SO4-Compass


Figures below demonstrate the operation of H2SO4-Compass. Users simply select an alloy from the dropdown list, and then enter the temperature and concentration. H2SO4-Compass predicts the boiling point of the acid and the corrosion rate of the selected alloy at the specified temperature and concentration. In addition to that, H2SO4-Compass also plots the iso-corrosion diagram for the selected alloy so as to give users a complete picture of the corrosion behavior of the selected alloy across the entire ranges of the H2SO4 acid concentration and the service temperature. With H2SO4-Compass, corrosion prediction and materials selection for H2SO4 service are as easy as 1-2-3.


Figure 1 H2SO4-Compass - Corrosion Prediction and Materials Selection Guide for H2SO4 Services


Figure 2 H2SO4-Compass - Materials Selection Guide for H2SO4 Services


The powerful applications of H2SO4-Compass are truly unlimited in engineering design, corrosion prediction and CRA materials selection for H2SO4 services.

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H2SO4-Compass, giving you the right directions in H2SO4 corrosion prediction and materials selection.

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