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Different Types of Corrosion
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Corrosion Fatigue


What is Corrosion Fatigue? Corrosion Fatigue refers to the process in which a metal fractures prematurely under conditions of simultaneous corrosion and repeated cyclic loading at lower stress levels or fewer cycles than would be required to cause fatigue of that metal in the absence of the corrosive environment.



What causes Corrosion Fatigue?

Corrosion Fatigue is caused by crack development under the simultaneous action of corrosion and cyclic stress. The usual case involves rapidly fluctuating stresses that may be well below the tensile strength. As stress is increased, the number of cycles required to cause fracture decreases.


As in the case of stress corrosion cracking, corrosion fatigue is dependent on the interactions among loading, environmental, and metallurgical factors.


For a given material, the fatigue strength (or fatigue life at a given maximum stress value) generally decreases in the presence of an aggressive environment. For the majority of engineering alloys, the fatigue limit refers to the stress level below which failure does not occur within a specified number of cycles, usually 107 or 108 cycles, as shown in the S-N plot.


How to prevent Corrosion Fatigue? Corrosion Fatigue can be prevented through:
  • reducing the fatigue by minimizing vibration and pressure fluctuation.
  • reducing the corrosion by using high-performance alloys resistant to corrosion fatigue
  • reducing the corrosion by using coatings and inhibitors to delay the initiation of corrosion fatigue cracks
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