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Corrosion is a disease to materials just like a disease to human beings. Some types or forms of corrosion can be prevented through good practices in materials selection and design, while others can be cured or controlled if diagnosed early. Corrosion diagnosis involves a number of destructive and non-destructive inspection and examination techniques such as visual and NDT inspection, chemical, electrochemical, metallurgical, mechanical and microstructural tests and analyses. Unexpected corrosion failures can be avoided through corrosion testing, corrosion monitoring, and life prediction based on extreme value statistics.

WebCorr provides corrosion diagnosis and corrosion failure analysis, corrosion and metallurgy expert witness, corrosion training courses and corrosion consulting services across the globe.

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 Corrosion Training Courses
In-House Training Courses, Online Courses & Distance Learning Courses

WebCorr is registered with the Professional Engineers Board Singapore as a training provider. WebCorr has NACE certified corrosion specialist (#5047) providing customized in-house training, online and distance learning corrosion courses, public seminars and workshops on corrosion, materials, metallurgy, paints and metallic coatings. The following corrosion short courses have been conducted regularly since 1992 and were accredited by the Professional Engineers Board Singapore for awarding PDUs to professional engineers. These corrosion courses have attracted participants from North America, Europe, Africa, the Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. Customized in-house training, course-on-demand, online and distance learning courses can be taken at any time of the year and are not limited to the published schedule below.


Corrosion Courses (click the title for course contents)

No. of days

Schedule for 2011/12

Course Fee*, S$






Corrosion and Its Prevention


20-24 Feb 2012



Corrosion, Metallurgy, Failure Analysis and Prevention


upon request



Marine Corrosion, Causes and Prevention


upon request



Corrosion Testing and Monitoring Made Easy: Techniques and Applications (3 days with practical session)


25-27 Apr 2011



Materials Selection and Corrosion


upon request



Stainless Steels and Alloys:  Why They Resist Corrosion and How They Fail


upon request


07 Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC):
-Recognition, Mitigation and Prevention
1 upon request $795


Life Predication of Corrodible Structures and Components


upon request



Protective Coatings: Inspection, Maintenance and Repair


4-8 Apr. 2011



Hot Dip Galvanizing - Processes, Properties and Applications


upon request



Corrosion in the Microelectronics and Semiconductor Industry


upon request



Electroplating Technology for the Microelectronics and Semiconductor Industry


upon request


13 An Advanced Course in Electrodeposition 5 upon request $3500
14 Electrochemical Migration (ECM), Conductive Anodic Filament (CAF) Formation and Surface Insulation Resistance (SIR) Testing 1 upon request $795


Cathodic Protection of Underground Pipelines


upon request


16 An Advanced Course in Cathodic Protection
- Specification, Design, Commissioning, Testing and Monitoring
5 upon request $3500


Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
- Measurement, Modeling, Data Interpretation & Applications


upon request



Pinhole Leaks in Copper Pipes in Potable Water Distribution System:
-Causes and Prevention


upon request



Corrosion Control and Prevention for Conservators and Curators


upon request



Corrosion Control and Prevention for Military Equipment and Systems


26-27 Jan 2011



Concrete Corrosion: Causes and Prevention


upon request



Emerging Corrosion Control Technologies for the Repair and  Rehabilitation of Concrete Structures


upon request



An Advanced Course in Concrete Durability


upon request



Modern Techniques for Corrosion Testing and Monitoring in Concrete Structure


upon request



Corrosion in Automotive System: Causes and Prevention


upon request


26 Corrosion in Fire Protection Systems (FPS) - Detection, Mitigation and Prevention 1 upon request $795
27 Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) - Detection, Mitigation and Prevention 1 upon request $795
28 Corrosion Control and Prevention in Seawater Desalination Plants 1 upon request $795
29 Accelerated Low Water Corrosion (ALWC) - Mechanisms, Mitigation and Prevention 1 upon request $795
30 API RP 571 Damage Mechanisms Affecting Fixed Equipment in the Refining and Petrochemical Industries 5 upon request $3500

* The fees quoted above are for publicly scheduled courses only. Fees for online courses, distance-learning courses, course-on-demand and in-house training courses are available upon request.

 In-House Training Corrosion Course


If you are concerned with corrosion in your business, in-house training is a great solution to train a group of employees from design, production, operation, quality assurance, inspection and maintenance, and technical sales and support on corrosion control and corrosion prevention technology. The contents of all corrosion courses can be customized to fit your organization's needs.


There is no minimum or maximum number of participants required for in-house training corrosion courses. We conduct the in-house training corrosion course at your company's premises and at a time convenient to your company. Requests for in-house training corrosion courses from overseas countries are also welcome.


Click here to contact us for a quotation.

 Online Corrosion Course & Distance Learning Corrosion Course


All our corrosion short courses are available for online or offline distance learning. You can learn at your own pace, whenever and wherever you are. You have around-the-clock access to interactive and media-rich course materials, course instructions, course assignments, and course assessments. Discussions and questions related to the corrosion courses are posted on the website or exchanged through email for a period up to 12 months. Video conferencing or instant messaging can also be arranged for discussions of course topics. For those who do not have ready access to internet, we will send you our online course materials on a DVD for offline learning.


Click here to register an online corrosion course.

 Corrosion Course-On-Demand


All our publicly scheduled corrosion short courses are conducted once a year. However, you do not need to wait for one year if you have missed any of the publicly scheduled corrosion courses as we have this unique corrosion course-on-demand scheme: we will conduct the course just for you on an one-on-one basis at a time and a location convenient to you. This option costs significantly less than a full-scale in-house training program.


Click here to contact us for a quotation.

 Corrosion PowerPoint Slides & Corrosion Test Banks for Trainers, Instructors, Tutors, University Lecturers,
 and Professors Teaching Corrosion Courses


If you are involved in teaching corrosion courses, you may wish to purchase a complete set of PowerPoint slides and the computerized test banks (in MicroTest format) with solutions. These presentations are suitable for teaching corrosion courses at different levels (from undergraduate to postgraduate) and durations (from 6 hrs to 40 hrs). These ready-to-use corrosion PowerPoint slides contain high quality color photographs, illustrations, animations and video clips. They can also be easily edited and customized to your own styles. The corrosion test banks contain over 1,000 corrosion questions for your use in tutorials, tests or examinations. These questions are conveniently grouped into 4 categories in the test bank: (1) true or false, (2) multiple choice, (3) calculation, and (4) reasoning and open-ended discussions).


Click here to contact us if you need more information.



Corrosion Advisory & Corrosion Consulting Services

At WebCorr, our NACE certified corrosion specialist provides efficient and proficient corrosion advisory and corrosion consulting services including anodic and cathodic protection design and specification, corrosion diagnosis, corrosion failure analysis, forensic investigation and expert witness in litigation and arbitration cases related to corrosion, materials, metallurgy, organic coatings (paints) and metallic coatings such as thermal spray metalizing, galvanizing, anodizing, chromating, phosphating, electroplating, electroless plating, mechanical plating, and sheradizing or diffusion coating. We also are experienced in providing corrosion courses for in-house training, online and distance learning:

  • Corrosion advisory services on corrosion related issues

  • Corrosion diagnosis and trouble-shooting of process-related issues

  • Selection of corrosion resistant materials, coatings and paints to meet your project requirements

  • Third party independent review of designs, drawings and technical specifications to identify potential corrosion risks, the compatibility of materials, the different forms of corrosion and their mitigation

  • Reviews of specifications on materials, processes and coatings to identify any clauses that may lead to potential dispute, arbitration or litigation among the parties involved. Corrosion liability can be avoided through proper specifications.

  • Review of contracts to identify potential corrosion liabilities and advices on how to deal with them

  • Materials and coatings inspection, performance evaluation, and assessment of remaining life.

  • Quality assessment of anodized aluminium (anodic coatings), chromate and phosphate coatings.

  • Optimization of process parameters in anodizing and plating operations.

  • Corrosion Testing to standards, certifications and verifications
    Verification of whether materials or products have been produced in accordance with the relevant international standards such as ASTM, BS, DIN, ISO and JIS or to contract specifications may be established by testing. Corrosion Clinic has access to a wide range of equipment and expert personnel for testing physical, mechanical and corrosion resistance properties of materials.

  • Life prediction of materials, components, structures,  paints, metallic coatings including thermal spray. metalizing, galvanizing, anodizing, chromating, phosphating, electroplating, electroless plating, mechanical plating, and sheradizing.

  • Forensic investigation, failure analysis of materials, paints & metallic coatings including thermal spray metalizing, galvanizing, anodizing, chromating, phosphating, electroplating, electroless plating, mechanical plating, and sheradizing.

  • Expert witness and support in litigation and arbitration matters related to corrosion, materials, metallurgy, paints & metallic coatings including thermal spray metalizing, galvanizing, anodizing, chromating, phosphating, electroplating, electroless plating, mechanical plating, and sheradizing or diffusion coating.

 Typical Corrosion Consulting Services Provided to Clients


  • Corrosion failure analysis of SA285 steel plate in an industrial waste water tank.

  • Corrosion failure analysis of stainless steels and alloys in seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) desalination plant.

  • Design of cathodic protection system for reinforced concrete structure.

  • Design review and development of a corrosion monitoring plan and philosophy for FPSOs.

  • Literature search and supply for a multinational oil & gas company on the corrosion resistance of steels and alloys used in the oil and gas industry.

  • Materials selection and corrosion testing for a multinational pharmaceutical company

  • Review of designs for an overseas company on the compatibility and suitability of materials specified in a heat exchanger.

  • Failure analysis of an aircraft engine component

  • Failure analysis of overhead power cables in a DC rail system

  • Failure analysis of a 316L stainless steel plug and seat valve used in a chemical process plant

  • Expert witness in the corrosion of stainless steel assembly

  • Expert witness in corrosion of stainless cladding in buildings

  • Expert witness in the corrosion of stainless steel chains

  • Expert assistance in the corrosion of hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel plates

  • Expert witness in the corrosion of silver coatings on mirrors

  • Expert witness in the corrosion of steel pipe piles

  • Expert witness in the corrosion of a lamppost

  • Expert witness in the case related to electroless plating processes

  • Expert witness in the corrosion of intermediate container boxes (ICBs)

  • Corrosion diagnosis and life prediction of a galvanized roof in an industrial area

  • Corrosion inspection and assessment of low pressure and high pressure feedwater heaters in a power plant

  • Assessment of design and failure analysis of military vehicles

  • Corrosion diagnosis and metallurgical examination of a cast iron wedge gate valve

  • Corrosion analysis of copper pipe pitting in the living quarters on an offshore platform

  • Corrosion analysis of copper pipe cracking in hot tap water system in a hotel

  • Corrosion inspection, and assessment of an underground ductile iron sewer pipe

  • Corrosion inspection and metallurgical analysis of boiler tubes onboard a ship

  • Investigation of Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) of an underground water pipe

  • Advice, design and training on corrosion sensors for marine concrete structures

  • Life prediction of a titanium nozzle used in a chemical process plant

  • Corrosion analysis and life prediction of roof deck assembly

  • Inspection and corrosion diagnosis of a 316L stainless steel air-receiver

  • Assessment of damage to fresh water tank coatings due to sea water flooding onboard a ship

  • Corrosion of an Inconel 600 alloy in a gas scrubbing installation

  • Assessment of the corrosion resistance of gold and gold-PTFE plating in printer inks

  • Evaluation of the shelf life and the corrosion resistance of Al-based wafer in process chemicals

  • Corrosion evaluation of Hastelloys (B, B2, C, C4, C-276, C22) in waste chemicals

  • Corrosion resistance of aluminum in hot saline waters

  • Measurements of impedance and admittance of anodized aluminum in accordance with relevant industry standards such as ASTM, BS and ISO.

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